Whenever I buy accessories, it's going to be a huge amount of them. I look at the catalouge at I want everything! Usually I wil just look at them but I was tempted to buy this time because they have free shipping promotion going on.

Madelyn was so friendly she helped me through the confusing order process of their website. Furthermore, I received my package the next day of payment made. I just love them for their efficiency!

And they even sent free gifts with the shipment... Aww

Un-boxing package

Un-boxing package

As you can see from the above picture, I love ribbon designs; from hairbands to headwraps to scrunchies to earings to rings to pins to necklaces etc. etc.

Butterfly... Early summer

Unfortunely, I received a faulty specs which I only found out today :(

I've just sent them email regarding this matter. Hopefully they'll look into it.

Missing  embellishment

Missing embellishment

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