Overlooking Royal Belum

Overlooking Royal Belum

I had to stop for at least a photo of this jaw dropping scenery at the East-West Highway R&R even though everyone on the bus was waiting.


When I was young, my teachers told us creepy stories of elephants and monkeys and wildlife etc. they've encountered when traveling along this road. By the way these were stories from 15 years ago. East-west link is now a busy road with a very very crowded R&R and long queues at toilets.

The bus departed via Kulim at night so I have been sleeping all the way to Kelantan. I like this journey home at day time because I get to see the beautiful road. Impossible to fall asleep even if I want to!

Tour guide lecture: This is the jungle where the communists had hidden and the route the Japanese had cycled to the major cities in Malaysia after landed in Tumpat. So this place is scary after all.

P/s More photos of this trip in the coming blog post :)

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