CATURDAY: End of Hunger Game

Too weak to walk and no money to buy food while waiting for mum to fetch me from the mall. Hid myself at a corner in toy department curdling a doodoll Dino since I was too hungry after draining all energy hiking.

By the time my mum was there, I was too dizzy my vision turned black a few times while walking. And finally, food... but, it was after sending my aunty home and my mum pick up her stuff and that was like one more hour later...

Hotdog bun & soyabean curd

Hotdog bun & soyabean curd

I wanted to eat an elephant like Dino while in the mall but I ended up with bread and soy curd soft food because my stomach was aching I just want to make sure I keep the food down.

What a day... sigh

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